Set-Rep Benefits

Set-Rep = Set Representative

There is a renewed focus on training in the Set-Rep program. We want to give each rep the skills not only to aid the sets, but also to add to their personal skills and resume. Any suggestions for other training ideas are welcome. Reps can email their Chair with any ideas they may have upon and develop the program. Throughout your time as a Set-Rep you will learn the some valuable skills including:

Training     |     Leadership Experience     |     Transferable Skills     |     Distinguished Set-Rep Awards

1. Training

The training will be part of the Set-Rep meeting and given by BCITSA members or staff, BCIT staff, and external presenters. Topics include:

  • Accessing Advocacy Services
  • Effective Communication
  • QPR Suicide Prevention
  • Your Career*
  • Emotional Intelligence*

*These topics are tentative and will be finalized as the semester progresses.

2. Leadership Experience

The roles as a Set-Rep will enable reps to gain practical experience as they fulfill their responsibilities. They will represent a group of people within a large organization, bring concerns forward, act as a first point of contact for student concerns, and will take the lead in talking with the instructors, Program Heads, and Deans and Associate Deans.

The diagram below illustrates the communication lines of a Rep, each of whom will potentially have contact with a number of different positions both within BCIT, and the BCITSA. Communicating with all these parties is not necessarily required, but Reps will have frequent contact with instructors, Sets and Chairs.

set rep structure

3. Transferable Skills

Here are some examples of transferable skills Reps can put on their resume:

  • Summarized and disseminated relevant information
  • Gathered suggestions and complaints, and forwarded to appropriate contacts
  • Represented group as part of a large organization
  • Undertook QPR suicide prevention training

4. Distinguished Set-Rep Awards

The Distinguished Set-Rep Awards are awarded to the best Set-Rep of each School as decided by a committee. The award comes in the form of a $500.00 cheque. The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Be present at all Set-Rep meetings
  • Be actively involved in discussions at the meetings
  • Disseminate relevant information from the meetings to your Set
  • Be actively involved in BCITSA or other school activities (eg. volunteering)
  • Be enrolled as a BCIT student during the current semester
  • Be in good academic standing with a minimum grade point average as defined by your program

Distinguished Set Rep Award Nomination Form

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