Role Expectations

Set-Rep = Set Representative

Set-Rep Role Expectations

In order to develop these leadership and other valuable skills, Reps will have several responsibilities and duties, which include:

  • Attend Set-Rep meetings
  • Disseminate relevant information to Set
  • Field concerns and complaints

1. Attend Set Rep Meetings

Set-Rep meetings occur monthly and are run by the Chairs. These are catered events with drinks and snacks. The general structure of each meeting is as follows:

  • Congregate and enjoy snacks
  • Call to order
  • Dean’s time: information and question periods
  • Training (if applicable)
  • Review last meeting
  • Review last meeting
  • Go through meeting items
  • Reminder of next meeting’s date and time

2. Disseminate information to each set

One of your primary responsibilities is to keep each Set abreast of the happenings of the BCITSA and greater BCIT community that come out of the Set-Rep meetings from the Chairs and Deans. There are a few ways of doing this:

  • Verbal Announcement
    • Get permission from an instructor of a shared class (where the entire set is present)
    • Briefly recap Set-Rep meeting by including only relevant information
    • An event that only benefits another program is not helpful information to pass on
  • Social Media
    • Facebook? Twitter? Google+?
    • Best practice is to use the platform that the most people in your Set use, and use actively
  • Email
    • Best practice is to gather contact information from your Set rather than relying on accounts, as not everyone checks them
    • Easier for you to forward emails from your Chair and other
  • Mixed Method
    • Reality is some people only use Facebook or some other form of social media, others only email, some use neither
    • Best practice is to use a mixed method approach that includes all three (3) of the above
    • Your set will have focused, verbal information, and then an electronic copy they can reference later, or if they were absent during the announcement

3. Fielding Concerns and Complaints

A Reps final responsibility, and the one where they will gain the most experience, if fielding the concerns and complaints from the Set5s. Each Rep will have lost of support in this aspect.

This goes back to the BCITSA Mission Statement:

“To be an advocate for students and provides services which are student-centered, responsive and pro-active in supporting and enhancing the quality of student life.”

  • Educate Each Set
    • It is important they know this is part of your role so they can bring their concerns and suggestions to you
    • Best practice is to approach them before each Set-Rep meeting and ask if there is anything they would like addressed at the meeting (again, using a mixed-method approach)
  • Pass Them On
    • Forward issues to the correct BCIT or BCITSA contact
    • Most issues are appropriate for Set-Rep meetings
    • At times, it is better to speak with your Chair individually
    • If there are ever any student academic or personal issues, please contact our Advocate
  • Advocate
    • This staff person is employed by the BCITSA
    • Their role is to Advocate on behalf of students in any academic issues with BCIT
    • The role has a close relationship with other BCIT departments
    • If you ever have concerns or issues you are not comfortable discussing with your Chair, please talk to our Advocate

Contact Information

Robyn Lougheed

Danielle Landeta-Gauthier