Set-Rep = Set Representative

Distinguished Representative Award

Classroom representatives are eligible to apply for the Distinguished Representative Award. The award will be given to a deserving representative that has gone above and beyond their duties. Each school will give out one award of $500 per year to selected representatives. This years deadline to apply for this award is Friday April 21st, 2017 @ 4:00pm. You can download your application package for the Distinguished Representative Award by clicking the button below.


Set-Reps are supported in their role. There are several people who reps can contact should they have any questions or concerns, including:

  • Approaching certain student complaints
  • Issues related to instructor and class management
  • Environmental issues with a classroom or area or campus
  • Students in crisis or who are seeking support in their emotional, phys

1. Your Chair

The contact information of the current Student Executive is on the next page, and can be found posted around campus and online.

2. Advocate

Robyn Lougheed

3. President

Sergey Bukharov

4. Executive Director

Caroline Gagnon