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Set-Rep = Set Representative

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The BCITSA wants to ensure that the Set-Rep program is effective and beneficial to all who put in valuable time and effort to volunteer. The BCITSA is implementing a feedback mechanism so we can hear about what worked, what did not, and any other suggestions. Short surveys will be sent out each November and March to all Set-Reps. In addition, Reps can feel free to speak with their Chair or the President should you have any suggestions or concerns they would like to ad

Distinguished Representative Award

Classroom representatives are eligible to apply for the Distinguished Representative Award. The award will be given to a deserving representative that has gone above and beyond their duties. Each school will give out one award of $500 per year to selected representatives. This years deadline to apply for this award is Friday April 21st, 2017 @ 4:00pm. You can download your application package for the Distinguished Representative Award by clicking the button below.