Set Reps

Set-Rep = Set Representative

What is a Set-Rep?

Full-time programs at BCIT are split into sets of roughly 20 to 25 students. Each of these has a Representative.

Set-Rep = Set Representative

Set-Reps [Reps] are volunteers usually voted for by the students within each set, but they could also be assigned by an instructor, depending on the program. Set-Reps are an integral part of not just the BCIT Student Association, but also the learning experience of each set. Through this long-standing program, Reps will gain the following:

  • Leadership experience
  • Training
  • Networking opportunities
  • An opportunity to contribute to the greater BCIT community
  • Vision and Mission

Reps are essential, because they not only represent their respective set to the greater BCITSA, but also represent the BCITSA and promote its programs to their set. Reps are critical in helping the SA and the student body to communicate. They provide a voice to our students by bringing their concerns forward so that the SA can advocate on their behalf. They are also the reason we can be pro-active, because information moves quickly, which then shifts our strategy and action.

Distinguished Set Representative Award recipients for the 2018/2019 year are:

School of Business – Julianne Wong
School of Computing & Academic Studies – Thomas Bui
School of Energy – Jake Konrad
School of Health Sciences – Alysha Mayenburg
School of Transportation, Construction & the Environment – Megan Savinkoff


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Vision Statement

An organization’s vision is a long-term goal, or a reference point toward which an organization is moving. Our vision statement is:

“To unite the students of today into a strong and vibrant community while providing them with the best possible services to aid them in their success.”

Mission Statement

An organization’s mission statement informs the daily decision-making at an organization and is comprised of current strategies and short-term goals that lead towards the vision statement. The mission statement that guides our day-to-day decisions is:

“To be an advocate for students and provide services which are student-centered, responsive and pro-active in supporting and enhancing the quality of student life.”