What is a Set-Rep?

Full-time programs at BCIT are split into sets of roughly 20 to 25 students. Each of these has a Representative.

Set-Rep = Set Representative

Set-Reps [Reps] are volunteers usually voted for by the students within each set, but they could also be assigned by an instructor, depending on the program. Set-Reps are an integral part of not just the BCIT Student Association, but also the learning experience of each set. Through this long-standing program, Reps will gain the following:

• Leadership experience
• Training
• Networking opportunities
• An opportunity to contribute to the greater BCIT community
• Vision and Mission

An organization’s vision is a long-term goal, or a reference point toward which an organization is moving. Our vision statement is:

“To unite the students of today into a strong and vibrant community while providing them with the best possible services to aid them in their success.”

An organization’s mission statement informs the daily decision-making at an organization and is comprised of current strategies and short-term goals that lead towards the vision statement. The mission statement that guides our day-to-day decisions is:

“To be an advocate for students and provide services which are student-centered, responsive and pro-active in supporting and enhancing the quality of student life.”

Reps are essential, because they not only represent their respective set to the greater BCITSA, but also represent the BCITSA and promote its programs to their set. Reps are critical in helping the SA and the student body to communicate. They provide a voice to our students by bringing their concerns forward so that the SA can advocate on their behalf. They are also the reason we can be pro-active, because information moves quickly, which then shifts our strategy and action.

Role Expectations

In order to develop these leadership and other valuable skills, Reps will have several responsibilities and duties, which include:

  • Attend Set-Rep meetings
  • Disseminate relevant information to Set
  • Field concerns and complaints

1. Attend Set Rep Meetings

Set-Rep meetings occur monthly and are run by the Chairs. These are catered events with drinks and snacks. The general structure of each meeting is as follows:

  • Congregate and enjoy snacks
  • Call to order
  • Dean’s time: information and question periods
  • Training (if applicable)
  • Review last meeting
  • Go through meeting items
  • Reminder of next meeting’s date and time

2. Disseminate Information to Each Set

One of your primary responsibilities is to keep each Set abreast of the happenings of the BCITSA and greater BCIT community that come out of the Set-Rep meetings from the Chairs and Deans. There are a few ways of doing this:

  •  Verbal announcement
    • Get permission from an instructor of a shared class (where the entire set is present)
    • Briefly recap Set-Rep meeting by including only relevant information
    • An event that only benefits another program is not helpful information to pass on
  •  Social Media
    • Facebook? Twitter? Google+?
    • Best practice is to use the platform that the most people in your Set use, and use actively
  • Email
    • Best practice is to gather contact information from your Set rather than relying on @bcit.ca accounts, as not everyone checks them
    • Easier for you to forward emails from your Chair and others
  • Mixed Method
    • Reality is some people only use Facebook or some other form of social media, others only email, some use neither.
    • Best practice is to use a mixed method approach that includes all three of the above
    • Your set will have focused, verbal information, and then an electronic copy they can reference later, or if they were absent during the announcement

3. Fielding Concerns and Complaints

A Reps final responsibility, and the one where they will gain the most experience, is fielding the concerns and complaints from the Sets. Each Rep will have lots of support in this aspect.

This goes back to the SA Mission Statement:

“To be an advocate for students and provide services which are student-centered, responsive and pro-active in supporting and enhancing the quality of student life.”

  • Educate Each Set
    • It is important they know this is part of your role so they can bring their concerns and suggestions to you
    • Best practice is to approach them before each Set-Rep meeting and ask if there is anything they would like addressed at the meeting (again, using a mixed-methods approach)
  • Pass them On
    • Forward issues to the correct BCIT or BCITSA contact
    • Most issues are appropriate for Set-Rep meetings
    • At times, it is better to speak with your Chair individually
    • If there are ever any student academic or personal issues, please contact our Advocate
  • Advocate
    • This staff person is employed by the BCITSA
    • Their role is to Advocate on behalf of students in any academic issues with BCIT
    • The role has a close relationship with other BCIT departments
    • If you ever have concerns or issues you are not comfortable discussing with your Chair, please talk to our Advocate.

Contact Information:
Robyn Lougheed

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Benefits of Becoming a Set-Rep


There is a renewed focus on training in the Set-Rep program. We want to give each rep the skills not only to aid the sets, but also to add to their personal skills and resume. Any suggestions for other training ideas are welcome. Reps can email their Chair with any ideas they may have to improve upon and develop the program.

The training will be part of the Set-Rep meeting and given by BCITSA members or staff, BCIT staff, and external presenters. Topics include:

  • Accessing Advocacy services
  • Effective Communication
  • QPR Suicide Prevention
  • Your Career*
  • Emotional Intelligence*

*These topics are tentative and will be finalized as the semester progresses.

2. Leadership Experience

The role as a Set-Rep will enable reps to gain practical leadership experience as they fulfill theirr responsibilities. They will represent a group of people within a large organization, bring concerns forward, act as a first point of contact for student concerns, and will take the lead in talking with the instructors, Program Heads, and Deans and Associate Deans.

The diagram below illustrates the communication lines of a Rep, each of whom will potentially have contact with a number of different positions both within BCIT, and the BCITSA. Communicating with all these parties is not necessarily required, but Reps will have frequent contact with instructors, Sets and Chairs.

Set Rep Image

3. Transferable Skills

Here are some examples of transferable skills Reps can put on their resume:

  • Summarized and disseminated relevant information
  • Gathered suggestions and complaints, and forwarded to appropriate contacts
  • Represented group as part of a large organization
  • Undertook QPR suicide prevention training

4. Distinguished Set-Rep Awards

The Distinguished Set-Rep Awards are awarded to the best Set-Rep of each School as decided by a committee. They come in the form of a certificate and $500.00 cash. The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Be present at all Set-Rep meetings
  • Be actively involved in discussions at the meetings
  • Disseminate relevant information from the meetings to your Set
  • Be actively involved in BCITSA or other school activities (eg. volunteering)
  • Be enrolled as a BCIT student during the current semester
  • Be in good academic standing with a minimum grade point average as defined by your program

*Application forms will be available on our website closer to the end of the school year.


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Program Improvement

The SA wants to ensure that the Set-Rep program is effective and beneficial to all who put in valuable time and effort to volunteer. The SA is implementing a feedback mechanism so we can hear about what worked, what did not, and any other suggestions. Short surveys will be sent out each November and March to all Set-Reps. In addition, Reps can feel free to speak with their Chair or the President should you they any suggestions or concerns they would like to address.


Set-Reps are supported in their role. There are several people who reps can contact should they have any questions or concerns, including:

• Approaching certain student complaints
• Issues related to instructor and class management
• Environmental issues with a classroom or area on campus
• Students in crisis or who are seeking support in their emotional, physical or mental health

1. Your Chair

The contact information of the current
Student Executive is on the next page,
and can be found posted around campus
and online.

3. President

Matthew May

2. Advocate

Robyn Lougheed

4. Executive Director

Caroline Gagnon

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