Roles & Responsibilities

The roles & responsibilities of each elected position are highlighted below:


  • Presides over Council and Executive meetings
  • Is the official spokesperson for the BCITSA
  • Ensures that the Executive Members are fulfilling their duties
  • Presents the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting
  • A non-voting student representative on Education Council
  • A voting student, representative on the Board of Governors

VP Finance & Administration

  • Responsible for managing budget process
  • Responsible for all BCITSA employees
  • Evaluates monthly financial reports
  • Assumes responsibility of the President in their absence
  • Arranges Council & Executive meetings
  • Ensures that controls are in place for the disbursements of all funds
  • Reviews and distributes meeting minutes.

VP Student Affairs

  • Handles student issues and concerns academic and non-academic
  • Acts as a student rep on Decision Review Board when applicable
  • Chairs the Elections Committee
  • Co-Chairs the Clubs Committee
  • Liaises with BCIT on all matters affecting student life
  • A voting student rep on Education Council

VP External

  • Promotes and maintains good public relations with surrounding communities
  • Liaises with Ministry and Government regarding issues that affect BCIT
  • Represents BCITSA on the BCIT Alumni Board and any lobbying efforts

VP Campus Life

  • Helps promote events and other extra-curricular activities on campus
  • Coordinates orientation in September
  • Oversees and provides assistance to clubs
  • Chairs the Clubs Committee

Chairs (6)

  • Organizes and chairs monthly Set Rep meetings
  • Liaises with Program Heads to ensure that Set Reps are selected
  • Liaises between the council and their respective School or Satellite Campus
  • Appoints Student Councillors from their School or Satellite Campus