The President chairs the Board and is responsible for the overall management of the BCITSA. The four Vice Presidents perform specific duties and tasks that contribute to overall student development. The seven Chairs perform duties and tasks specific to the School or Campus they represent, and focus on issues specific to their School or Campus.

Executive Make Up

The Executive, who is voted in each year, is made up of 12 members:

5 VPs and the President

• VP External Affairs
• VP Campus Life
• VP Finance & Administration
• VP Student Affairs
• President

7 Chairs

• Downtown Campus
• School of Aerospace Technology
• School of Business
• School of Computing & Academic Studies
• School of Energy
• School of Health Sciences
• School of Transportation, Construction and The Environment

Below further highlights the roles and responsibilities of each elected position:


• Presides over Council and Executive meetings
• Is the official spokesperson for the BCITSA
• Ensures that the Executive Members are fulfilling their duties
• Presents the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting
• A non-voting student representative on Education Council
• A voting student,representative on the Board of Governors

VP Administration & Finance

• Responsible for managing budget process
• Responsible for all BCITSA employees
• Evaluates monthly financial reports
• Assumes responsibilities of President in their absence
• Arranges Council and Executive meetings
• Ensures that controls are in place for the disbursements of all funds
• Reviews and distributes meeting minutes

VP Student Affairs

• Handles student issues and concerns academic and non-academic
• Acts as student rep on Decision Review Board when applicable
• Chairs the Elections Committee
• Co-chairs the Clubs Committee
• Liaises with BCIT an all matters affecting student life
• A voting student rep on Education Council

VP External

• Promotes and maintains good public relations with surrounding communities
• Liaises with Ministry and Government regarding issues that affect BCIT
• Represent BCITSA on the BCIT Alumni Board and any lobbying efforts

VP Campus Life

• Helps promote events and other extra-curricular activities on campus
• Coordinates Orientation in September
• Oversees and provides assistance to Clubs
• Chairs the Clubs Committee

 Chair (7)

• Organizes and chairs monthly Set Rep meetings
• Liaises with Program Heads to ensure that Set Reps are selected
• Liaises between Council and their respective School or Satellite Campus
• Appoints Student Councilors from their School or Satellite Campus

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BCITSA Structure

Here is a visual breakdown of how the BCITSA is structured (click photo for larger image):

BCITSA structure