Student Council

Justin Cervantes

Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Justin Cervantes is the previous Chair of the School of Computing and Academic Studies and current President of the BCIT Student Association. Justin is passionate about seeing those in the BCIT community thrive and is welcoming of any feedback on the barriers and opportunities for student success.

Before coming to BCIT, he worked for various organizations including Employment and Social Development Canada and DB Schenker. He is currently working towards making a career switch to be an entrepreneur and software developer in Vancouver’s burgeoning tech industry; he is pursuing a Computer Systems Technology diploma to that end. He completed his BA from the University of British Columbia in 2013 and has specialized training in freight forwarding.

Rose Salm

Vice President Finance & Administration
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Hi! I’m Rose Salm. I’ve just finished my Accounting diploma and am heading into the degree in the fall! When I’m not buried in homework, I use my free time to run a successful illustration business. I’m passionate about art, design, music, and streamlined business management.

I’m excited to be working with everyone and hope I can help. You can usually find me in the library, drinking coffee like my life depends on it. If you need to ask me anything, please feel free to come to my office hours and chat!

Steven Palfrey

Vice President External
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Before attending BCIT, Steven was a first-aid and security responder at St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver. Working 70+ hours per week, it has prepared him for the workload at BCIT. Passionate about process design and process improvement he’s currently entering into Operations Management Level 3. He can often be sighted in the corner of an empty BCIT classroom, toiling into late hours of the night.

In the role of VP External for the BCIT Student Association, Steven will build relationships with government & organizations with the purpose of empowering students through the 2019/2020 period.

Miranda Campbell

Vice President Student Experience
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Hello! I am honoured to be the elected Vice President of YOUR Student Experience.

Back in high school, I was heavily involved in various clubs and student government initiatives that inspired a drive in me to serve students. I wanted to carry this forward as a Business Management student at BCIT. Therefore, I dedicated the past year to clubs such as the BMA and JDCW, and assisting my peers as a Set Representative. I am committed to continuously learning, growing, and applying my skills to support others and engage our school community. However, I can’t do my job without YOUR help!

If you see me around your campus, don’t hesitate to say hi! I encourage you to email me to sort out a time to meet in my office if you have an idea or issue to share. If you help communicate your needs to the BCITSA, we can have a successful year of growth together.

Adam Nguyen

Vice President Equity & Sustainability
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Adam Nguyen is a passionate young professional and student with deep experience in the field of environmental science and sustainability. He is currently a fourth year mechanical engineering student but has an undergraduate from the University of British Columbia in Natural Resources Conservation. Adam is a formally practicing wildlife biologist and also has experience with non-profit institutions. He was a board member for the Northern Environmental Action Team in Northern B.C.

With his education and experience in sustainability and Canadian governance, he is committed in sharing his experience and skills to further enhance BCIT’s vision of a greener and more sustainable campus, as well working towards ensuring that BCIT is a home to students of all backgrounds.

Adam is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling instructor and loves to share his craft with people. He also operates a small woodworking business and creates beautiful gifts for people to enjoy. He loves talking to people, so if you see him on campus, make sure you say “hi!”.

Hunter Sones

Chair, School of Business
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

My name is Hunter Sones and I am currently studying Marketing Management here at BCIT.

I believe that everybody has a dream. When I was a kid, my dream jumped from becoming a quantum physicist to running away and living as a vagabond poet like Bob Dylan. While my dreams have changed over time, one thing I have come to realize is that I am always at my happiest when I am pursuing my dreams.

BCIT is home to some of the most driven and motivated people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It is a place where people are given the tools and experiences needed to amplify their ambitions and pursue their most challenging goals. During your time here at BCIT, don’t fall into the trap of thinking too small. Dig deep, work hard, and never lose sight of your own dream.

I look forward to serving as your Chair of Business for the 2019/2020 term.

Best of luck!

L.T. Le

Chair, School of Health Sciences
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Hello! My name is LT and I am currently in my second year of Nursing. I am very excited to be working with BCITSA representing the School of Health Sciences! I am passionate about advocating for vulnerable populations, promoting mental health and well-being, increasing interprofessional collaboration, and becoming a global citizen. In my role as Chair of Health, I hope to decrease the stigma around mental health and increase capacity building and resilience in our student body.

Outside of school, you will find me volunteering with the Canadian Mental Health Association, serving as interim Vice President for the Vietnamese Professionals Association of BC, and drinking bubble tea in the countless tea shops around the Greater Vancouver Area.

I welcome you to drop by during my office hours or e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns, or if you just want someone to talk to. Lastly, please don’t hesitate to say hi if you see me on campus!

Raynen Jamieson

Chair, School of Energy
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Hi there! My name is Raynen, and I am a Mechanical Engineering student here at BCIT. I love being involved in events and clubs going on around campus, and I hope to encourage you all to do the same. During my spare time you can find me working on the BCIT Racing Baja buggy in SW9.

My goal as Chair is to make life for the School of Energy students easier, because I know more than most how intense the programs can be.

If you ever have any complaints, feedback, or questions about your program please feel free to stop by the SA office during my office hours or shoot me an email.

Good luck this year!

Brin Farrell

Chair, School of Transportation, Construction & the Environment
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Brin Farrell is the current Chair of the School of Transportation, Construction & the Environment within BCIT Student Association. Brin has recently completed her technical diploma in Forest & Natural Areas Management within BCIT and is continuing to pursue her career in forestry through obtaining a degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She has worked many seasons tree planting in northern BC, as well as has experience in forest engineering on Vancouver Island and throughout the Great Bear Rainforest. With a background in public relations, she hopes to enhance communication within the respective programs to advocate for students. Brin hopes to engage students while positively contributing to a sustainable campus with ample study & green space for students to enjoy.

Louis-Philippe Rivest Giguere

Chair, School of Computing & Academic Studies
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Louis Rivest is a Computer Systems Technology student in his 2nd year. Before BCIT, Louis taught science and engineering through several STEM education programs. He also completed a bachelor’s degree at UBC in animal biology. His passion for developing innovative solutions led him to pursue programming.

As the Chair of Computing and Academic Studies, Louis aims to facilitate networking for students, improve communication, and increase female representation in the tech field. As a former set rep, he is always ready to lend an ear and help out fellow students. He strongly believes that by helping those around him, the whole community will profit.

Outside of work and school, Louis is usually testing out new recipes in the kitchen, playing games, boarding, or playing tennis. You will often see him at various tech events connecting with industry professionals to find project and mentorship opportunities for the students of the School of Computing and Academic Studies.

Dawson Verboven

Chair, Downtown Campus (DTC)
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Hi everyone!

My Name is Dawson Verboven. I am a third term CST student, and the new Chair of the downtown campus. I’m horoured to work for the BCIT student community and advocate not only for the downtown students but all BCIT students. My goal is to have all BCIT students to feel safe, respected, and empowered to achieve their full potential. Before coming to BCIT I worked as a touring musician and audio engineer. I am extremely passionate about art and creativity, and have channeled that passion into a career in tech. I’m on DTC campus almost every day so please come by the SA office and say hi.

Danny Cameron

Chair, Aerospace Technology Campus (ATC)
Office Hours
By Appointment Only

Hey, I’m Danny! I am an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering student at our beautiful Aerospace campus. I have a background in team building, personnel, and resource management. Prior to coming to BCIT, I’ve had the opportunity to serve in our Federal Elections. I am passionate about mechanics, travel, and exploring our province. When I’m not in classes I can be found studying, working on vehicles, or driving somewhere up an FSR!

I am so deeply excited to be taking on this role. Please feel free to reach out, whether it’s about student needs or funny engine noises – I’d love to chat!