Student Council

Your 2016-17 Student Executives are:

Matthew May


Office Hours

9:30am – 11:30am

Hello everybody!

I’m your SA President for the 2016/2017 and I can’t be more excited to be a part of your coming year at BCIT!

A little bit about me, I am currently working towards a Diploma in Architectural and Building Technology in the School of Construction, but I have to admit that wasn’t the original plan when I came out of high school 7 years ago (yikes). I originally had planned to be a music teacher, so I went to Capilano University for a Diploma in Music, and eventually to Brandon University in Manitoba for a Bachelor in Music Performance. For those that are interested, I specialized in Classical Trumpet, and if you look hard enough I’m pretty sure you can find me on Youtube.

Somewhere along the way I came to realize that music was more of a hobby for me than a career, and I started to look at other options. I ended up coming back to Vancouver to work for my dad at his architecture firm, and haven’t looked back ever since. Eventually I plan on becoming an architect with a focus on educational facilities, so maybe one day I’ll get to design a building at BCIT. Guess that really depends on how this year goes…

Not that we get free time as BCIT students, but if I happened to find any, I would probably play a little more trumpet. I’m actually playing with the North Vancouver Community Band now, so I’m keeping up somewhat, but nowhere near what I was doing a few years ago. I also used to curl (you know, with the ice and the brooms and such), but my schedule hasn’t allowed for it recently.

Most importantly about me is that I love meeting new people, so I do hope I get a chance sometime over the next year to get to know you and find out how the SA can best serve you. Looking forward to it!

Jae Lee

V.P. Campus Life

Office Hours:

2:30pm – 5:00pm
10:30am – 5:00pm

Prospective employers may potentially find this write up, so featuring achievements, work experience and skill-sets would be appropriate. But my LinkedIn profile provides this. The excuse of how I held the most “fun” title, as your new Vice President of Campus Life, will hopefully allow some informalities to slide.

It may also be revealed that my campaign significantly used Pepe the Frog. Whether Pepe appears to have been aggressively copy + pasted by PowerPoint on my campaign material is not what’s important. Like I said, holding the “fun” title practically justifies my digital footprint.

TL;DR – final year BBA student willing to work for shoes in macro-level research and analysis.

I’m beyond excited and grateful to make changes for BCIT students! Despite the carefree attitude, I do have an on-switch and love to get down to business. Time is always limited but let’s be real, 9 courses in 3.5 months is absolutely manageable. Sleep is for the weak.

My tendency is to take small talk with strangers and raise it to, at minimum, medium talk. Come find me on campus, either socializing at the ehPod or curling in the squat rack.

Dominic Terrado

VP Student Affairs

Office Hours:

3:30pm – 4:30pm

2:30pm – 3:30pm


I am extremely excited to represent the students of BCIT for the 2016/17 school year. I’m completing my B. Tech in Accounting within the next year. I plan to pursue my CPA afterwards and establish a career in public accounting, where I probably will be working 10-12 hours day for my first 3 years. And I am super stoked (not quite) about that!

Outside of school, I am a huge fan of sports, hiking along the local trails of beautiful BC, and food! So if you know any sweet hiking trails (or restaurants!), please drop by for a chat.

I look forward to meeting many of you over the school year! Feel free to come by and introduce yourself with any suggestions you may have for the SA.

Inderpreet Gill

Chair - School of Business

Office Hours:

3:30pm – 5:30pm


As someone who always looks to make the most of any situation I was extremely excited to start my time at BCIT in September 2014! A number of my friends and family graduated from BCIT, and they had nothing but praise for the school. My time at BCIT has been full of experiences that I am extremely grateful to have been a part of. I had the chance to meet new people, make great friends, pursue various development opportunities, and had the chance to serve as the VP of Internal Affairs for the BCIT FMA! As my last year of the accounting diploma came to a close, I wanted to take it to the next level and give back to BCIT and the students – that’s when I decided to pursue the position of the Chair of the School of Business.

I’m currently completing my BTech Degree in Accounting, and am extremely excited to serve as the Chair of the School of Business for the 2016/2017 term! I admire the hard work, determination, and passion that BCIT School of Business students put into their work. Going through such an intensive program at this school has its own unique experience – one filled with challenges as well as great triumphs (getting through exam week for example!) I hope to continue to enhance this student experience for every student in the School of Business along with the help of the amazing individuals on the BCIT Student Association.

Thank you so much for voting and giving me this opportunity, and I hope to chat with many of you on campus!

Kayla Di Bauda

Chair School of Health Sciences

Office Hours:

8:30am – 12:30pm

Hello everyone,

I am incredibly excited to represent the students in the School of Health Science for the 2016/17 school year. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I plan on pursing a career in emergency in the next few years. In my spare time you’ll find me traveling, hiking and exploring all that nature has to offer.

I look forward to working with the students to foster a community of inter-professional cohesion, and community of wellness, so students at BCIT feel unified, connected, and job-ready. I love meeting new people, so feel free to drop by anytime to introduce yourself!

Dean Tamboline

Chair - School of Energy

Office Hours:

8:30am – 9:30am
8:30am – 10:30am

Hello! My name is Dean and I am your Chair for the School of Energy (Engineering)! I am currently in my third year of the Mechanical Engineering Bachelors program and loving every minute of it!

I have always had a desire to learn and understand how the world works. When I was younger, I had a pile of random objects I had taken apart to try and grasp how they functioned. There was the odd occasion when a microwave or my cousins Easy Bake Oven joined the pile. The real challenge was remembering how to put it back together…

For the past two years I’ve been very active outside the classroom, partaking in public speaking competitions, to getting ‘perpendicular’ while playing dodgeball, and building a Baja Buggy as a member of BCIT Racing.

On the rare occasion I’m not on campus, you could find me at a movie theatre, out enjoying nature or taking a nap.

I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store and if you get the chance, make sure to stop by and say hi!

Justin Prasad

Chair of the School of Transportation, Construction & The Environment

Office Hours:

11:30am – 1:30pm

Hello everyone, I am one of the many new Chair members representing students across the Transportation, Construction & The Environmental programs at BCIT. I’m currently enrolled in the Architecture and Building Technology program (ABT) heading into my second year, and look forward to meeting each an every one of you and helping you get through BCIT as best I can.

Just some background info about myself; I’ve worked as a computer technician, sales associate, structural steel detailer, design consultant, graphic designer, audio technician, promoter, and event organizer. I currently work as a Record Label Manager for various EDM Record labels across North America, as well as 3D Software programmer for structural steel building modeling. I produce music and DJ in my spare time, as well as getting involved with the local community through regular volunteer service at my temple.

Nav Bhatti

Chair of the School of Computing

Office Hours:

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Hey there good lookin’! My name is Nav and I am the Chair of the School of Computing (and Academic Studies). This will be my third year in the position so I guess you could call me a veteran!

A little about myself: I was born and raised in East Vancouver (Windermere what!?). During high school my computer knowledge was pretty much limited to video gaming – Ragnarok Online mostly – and MSN messenger. I actually originally planned to go into the culinary arts, but switched gears after I decided 12 hours in a hot kitchen wasn’t exactly for me. It wasn’t until doing a few computing courses at Langara that I realized how much I enjoyed programming; there’s just something so elegant in the combination of logic and creativity! So after finishing my diploma there, I immediately applied for the CST program at BCIT and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve now completed the CST diploma and am going into my 4th year at BCIT as I finish up my Bachelor’s of Technology in Games Development. I chose game dev because I’ve always been fascinated by video games. Not only in their ability to keep you entertained on the bus, but also in their ability to tell a story and evoke emotion. I think video games can make you feel something in a way that music or TV never could. I also think that they`re the ultimate expression of the logic crossed with creativity that drew me into programming in the first place.

As the Chair of Computing, may main duties are to organize and hold the set-rep meetings to deal with issues and make sure everyone’s voice is heard. But I also help run the LAN Party (woo!) that happens twice a year – this is definitely my favourite part of the job, and I would love to see you there! And if you ever see me around the halls don’t hesitate to say hi, especially if you want to talk gaming!

Tyson Sangha

Chair of the Aerospace Technology Campus

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday
11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Hello Everyone, I am Tyson, the Chairman of the Aerospace Technology Campus at BCIT. I was born turning wrenches and driving screws, so being an aircraft maintenance engineer has been in my blood since day 1! I graduated secondary school and took some time off to find out what I wanted to do for my career, at last I took my knowledge of physics and engineering to the Aerospace Campus.

Throughout the last year I had been working at an electronics store where I gained loads of knowledge about electrical systems, then decided I wanted to do more with my time and efforts, so I opened my own business in Auto Detailing.

Since a young age I have always been an independent leader and have always wanted to make a difference around me, which is why I stepped up for this position. Taking responsibility and solving unique problems is a hobby of mine and I encourage my peers to involve me as much as possible.

Although on a fun note, I was a football player back in high school! I played for the North Surrey Minor Football league and played several positions on the field. My most favorite would have been offensive lineman, being up front and in the action. It was exhilarating.

I look forward to working with all the students and staff throughout the year, to make some exciting changes around campus.

Alex Yushen Tian

V.P. Finance & Administration

Hello everyone,

I am excited to be the Vice President of Finance this year. I’m currently completing my Bachelor in Technology, Accounting and will pursue a CPA designation afterwards.

My goal as VP of Finance, is to make the Student Association operations more transparent and understandable to fellow students. I am glad to have the opportunity to make a difference at BCIT and I hope to encourage more students to become involved with Student Association activities.

In my leisure, I like to read collections of national geographic magazines. I enjoy learning about the different experiences and travel stories people have had from around the world. The world is such a fascinating place and I hope to be able to experience some of the places for myself one day!

I look forward to working with all the students and staff at BCIT. Please feel free to drop by and introduce yourself. I am usually on campus so I hope to chat with many of you around the school as well!

Timothy David

V.P. External Affairs

Check back for my bio